Friday, September 21, 2012

Introduction of hyaluronic acid

Lip piercing is the Labret ornaments, usually wearing red lips, the edge of the following is probably the next 3 / 8 in the middle, through or just above the chin in the seam. Anywhere outside of the lips to lips can puncture. Because part of it is a layer of red lips natural gauze-like substance is best not to puncture. In order not to produce resistance to the teeth puncture the nail should wear ring.

Tattoo needle with a difference, really good work on the main differences in the material on the same, outside some compare solder interface can clearly distinguish the production process for a tattoo. Good work to do needle neat fork out even more delicate color of the tattoo. The other hand can be seen to do something very obvious pigment granules scratches. Tattoo needles can go empty, empty needle effect is what? Want the scars evident point, the intensity of the machine a little less big tune, repeated color.

Hyaluronic acid plastic price depends on the hyaluronic acid component of the most important number. Because hyaluronic acid is not simply the Long high plastic nose, the nose needs to take into account the tip of the nose, while also considering the different people have different height requirements nose, then the amount of hyaluronic acid are not used are different. However, under normal circumstances, hyaluronic acid hyaluronic acid plastic usually 1-2 teams better.

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