Monday, September 24, 2012

Monitor exposure control

Depending on the application mainly on the explanation below about the surveillance cameras in the digital film and process control:Wireless energy monitors the use of exposure control, first adjust the monitor to the relative standard state, and to be adjusted in the shooting of this state, high-definition monitor with a waveform diagram for the control of exposure distinguish between light and dark details of the Ministry of very practical significance.

Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer temperature measurement principle is the object (such as steel) with the infrared radiation emitted into electrical signals, infrared radiation and the size of objects (such as steel) that corresponds to the temperature itself, into electrical signals according to the size of , can determine objects (such as steel) temperature. Infrared temperature measurement-by-point analysis of the way, that is the object of a local area focus on a single thermal radiation detector, and the emissivity of the object through the known, the radiated power into a temperature.

According to sensors used in digital thermometers different, AD converter circuit, and the different processing units, its accuracy, stability, temperature range, etc. are different, it is necessary to choose the size according to the actual situation of the digital thermometer.There are hand-held digital thermometer hygrometer, plate mounted, and the small volume of medical and so on.Now Britain and United States multi-degrees Fahrenheit, Germany's multi-column temperature, and the world scientific community and industrial and agricultural production, as well as China, France, most countries use the Celsius temperature is more.

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