Thursday, September 27, 2012

Laser Beauty Equipment L700

Laser Beauty Equipment


Laser Beauty Equipment L700

Laser Type:
CO2 Laser




Update Time:

Features of Laser Beauty Equipment L700
1. Water- flow monitor: give the alarm, display abnormal water flow on the operating screen and stop warming-up automatically when there is small or no water flow
2. Water-temperate monitor: give the alarm, show "high temp" on the screen when the temperature is in excess of 45 degrees
3. Accurate infrared indication light makes the spot position more accurate and the utilization of light point increased
4. Disassembly treatment hand

Monday, September 24, 2012

Monitor exposure control

Depending on the application mainly on the explanation below about the surveillance cameras in the digital film and process control:Wireless energy monitors the use of exposure control, first adjust the monitor to the relative standard state, and to be adjusted in the shooting of this state, high-definition monitor with a waveform diagram for the control of exposure distinguish between light and dark details of the Ministry of very practical significance.

Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer temperature measurement principle is the object (such as steel) with the infrared radiation emitted into electrical signals, infrared radiation and the size of objects (such as steel) that corresponds to the temperature itself, into electrical signals according to the size of , can determine objects (such as steel) temperature. Infrared temperature measurement-by-point analysis of the way, that is the object of a local area focus on a single thermal radiation detector, and the emissivity of the object through the known, the radiated power into a temperature.

According to sensors used in digital thermometers different, AD converter circuit, and the different processing units, its accuracy, stability, temperature range, etc. are different, it is necessary to choose the size according to the actual situation of the digital thermometer.There are hand-held digital thermometer hygrometer, plate mounted, and the small volume of medical and so on.Now Britain and United States multi-degrees Fahrenheit, Germany's multi-column temperature, and the world scientific community and industrial and agricultural production, as well as China, France, most countries use the Celsius temperature is more.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Introduction of hyaluronic acid

Lip piercing is the Labret ornaments, usually wearing red lips, the edge of the following is probably the next 3 / 8 in the middle, through or just above the chin in the seam. Anywhere outside of the lips to lips can puncture. Because part of it is a layer of red lips natural gauze-like substance is best not to puncture. In order not to produce resistance to the teeth puncture the nail should wear ring.

Tattoo needle with a difference, really good work on the main differences in the material on the same, outside some compare solder interface can clearly distinguish the production process for a tattoo. Good work to do needle neat fork out even more delicate color of the tattoo. The other hand can be seen to do something very obvious pigment granules scratches. Tattoo needles can go empty, empty needle effect is what? Want the scars evident point, the intensity of the machine a little less big tune, repeated color.

Hyaluronic acid plastic price depends on the hyaluronic acid component of the most important number. Because hyaluronic acid is not simply the Long high plastic nose, the nose needs to take into account the tip of the nose, while also considering the different people have different height requirements nose, then the amount of hyaluronic acid are not used are different. However, under normal circumstances, hyaluronic acid hyaluronic acid plastic usually 1-2 teams better.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Oxygen Injection Skin Care System W300

  • Brand:
  • Omeiye
  • Model:
  • Oxygen Injection Skin Care System W300
  • Operation System:
  • Ozone
  • Oxygen Equipment:
  • medical oxygen equipment
  • Oxygen Therapy Equipment:
  • skin beauty equipment
  • Oxygen Facial Equipment:
  • facial beauty equipment
  • Update Time:
  • 09/19/2012

  • Oxygen Injection Skin Care System
    1. Acne removal treatment principle
    While atomized micelles combines oxygen molecules, water molecules with negative oxygen ions are sprayed into acne skin with high pressure, anaerobic Propionibacterium acnes encountered Oxygen will died quickly; 
    Saline with high speed penetrate deeply into epidermal to clears skin spam, Nutriments in that repair damaged tissue, improve the sebaceous gland's oil secretion; 
    Negative oxygen ions change the wound PH, make promotion of epithelial hyperplasia, then make inhibition of wound bacteria and accelerate wound healing.
    2. Skin improving treatment principle
    While atomized micelles combines oxygen molecules, water molecules with negative oxygen ions are sprayed into acne skin with high pressure. Atomized micelles penetrate skin stratum corneum, from the epidermis to the dermis layer, directly and easily nourishes negative oxygen ions, oxygen molecules and water infiltration which skin lacks of, thereby promote cells regeneration and we get results in skin rejuvenation and wrinkle removal.
    3. Treatment principle of improving sensitive skin
    Negative oxygen features of inhibition leukotriene formation of colorless ion make tissue has no hypersusceptibility and inflammation symptom.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Introduction of medical devices

Hemodialysis concentrates , referred to hemodialysis, also known as the popular saying artificial kidney, dialysis is a blood purification technology. The principle of using semi-permeable membrane, by diffusion, convection, and the body of harmful metabolic wastes and excess electrolytes too much out of the body, to achieve the purpose of purifying the blood and suck up water and electrolyte and acid-base balance correction purposes. Hemodialysis uses semi-permeable membrane thickness of 10-20 microns, the average membrane pore size of 3 nm, so only the molecular weight of 15,000 to small molecules and molecules by section, and the large molecular weight greater than 35,000 molecules can not.

Surgical lights is a special feature of light. The light from the invention and application have to talk about 1809, British chemist David invented the arc light, humanity has entered the era of the use of electric lighting. In 1879, Elastic bandage is woven with natural fibers, material is soft, flexible high. Elastic bandage Use: mainly used for surgical dressings care. Extensive use of elastic bandages, body parts topical dressing, field training, first aid and other trauma can feel all the benefits of this bandage.

Stretch Bandage advantages: high flexibility, joints unrestricted activity after use, do not shrink, will not hinder blood circulation or a breathable material to make good joints displacement, condensation will not make the wound, and easy to carry.the California Theater in the United States, the first human use of arc lamps (electric arc light). In 1906, Edison invented the tungsten filament home for the electric light bulb.Installed on the ceiling of the surgical lights, ceiling or wall should be on the remote control box to set one or more transformers to the input supply voltage into low voltage required by the majority of light bulbs.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

IPL Beauty Machine B390

IPL Machine


IPL Beauty Machine B380




Net Weight:


Spot Size:

interchangeable filter

Pulse Delay:
0-100ms (1ms)

Rated Input Power:

Handpiece Connector:
fast connector

Pulse Duration:
0-20ms (0.1ms)

.energy Density:
50j/cm2 (max)

Lcd Screen:
5.6" chromatic touch screen

Update Time:

Our IPL Beauty Equipment B390 is designed for the following functions: rejuvenation/removing epidermal pigmentation/painless hair removing/removing vascular/ removing acne.

1. Touchable and chromatic screen;
2. Handpiece with imported sapphire crystal ensuring 50,000 effective shots;
3. Applicator with 5 different interchangeable filters maximizing profits;
4. 6 independent changeable pulse setting suitable for different skin types;
5. Recommended default parameters for 5 skin types and 3 hair colors easing operation efficiently. 


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Risks and Complications of Laser Hair Removal

There are a few risks associated with laser hair removal. The main risk is that it may not work--it works most successfully in people with darker hair. It can be used on people with lighter hair, but according to the Mayo Clinic, it is more successful in brown or black hair.Laser hair removal will not work at all with white, light brown, blond or light-red hair. The Mayo Clinic recommends going to a dermatologist, nurse or assistant to have the procedure performed and not to a salon or nonmedical clinic.

Side effects from the laser hair removal procedure are incomplete hair removal (caused by resistant hair), hyperpigmentation (darkening of the area), blistering or scarring, hypopigmentation (lightening of the area), crusting or scabbing, hair changes, changes in skin texture and hair changes.

Before getting laser hair removal, you will need to meet with the professional who is doing the hair removal to discuss your medical history and the risks and benefits of the procedure. At this time, the doctor or nurse will take photographs of the area to be treated. These photos are used for before-and-after assessment by the physician.

Procedure and Costs
During the procedure, the physician will use a hand-held laser instrument that will be pressed to the skin in order to aim the light at each hair follicle individually. A cooling agent or anesthetic will be applied to your skin before this, unless the laser being used has a cooling tip. Light beams pulsate from the laser, which destroys the hair follicle immediately, causing the hair to drop out. You may notice a singed-hair smell after the procedure is over, which is normal. You may also have crusting at the site of removal, to which you will want to apply moisturizer. The whole process takes a few minutes to an hour depending on what area is being worked on.

Friday, September 7, 2012

What is Cosmetic Laser Hair Removal?

Cosmetic laser hair removal is used to remove hair from various areas on the body and face. This procedure causes minimal discomfort and can assure slower hair growth in the areas targeted. These areas may have to go under several sessions of laser hair removal to ensure the longest hair-free period possible, which can be several years.

Laser hair removal is a medical procedure that uses a high-powered laser light to remove hair. This light passes into the hair follicle through the skin, to target the hair follicle. The heat from this light kills the hair follicle on contact. People with unwanted body hair choose to have this procedure as a way to be hair-free for a long time. Common areas that are targeted are legs, armpits, pubic areas, face and arms. This procedure is not guaranteed to permanently stop hair growth, but it can ensure that hair will not grow from these areas for months and in some cases years, although it takes repeated procedures for hair to take this long to re-grow.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Face the change: Expert beauty tips to keep you looking young during the menopause

As well as the mood swings, insomnia and weight-gain women of a certain age have to contend with, the menopause can also play havoc with skin. Deeper wrinkles, puffiness and dryness are just some of the problems exacerbated by hormonal changes during this time.

‘During menopause, levels of the female hormones oestrogen and progesterone rapidly decline leading to accelerated skin ageing,’ says aesthetic surgeon Dr Jonquille Chantrey. ‘Collagen and elastin levels deplete dramatically, so you get sagging and deep wrinkles.

‘The production of skin-hydrating hyaluronic acid and oil also drops, causing dryness. Plus testosterone becomes more dominant, so some women may suffer from acne and facial hair.’

More than half of British women are unaware of the impact the menopause has on their skin, says a new study from healthcare company Allergan. But experts believe these menopause effects can be limited, if we act in advance.

‘Starting a maintenance programme in your early 30s is the biggest investment you can make for your skin,’ says Cannes-based surgeon HervĂ© Raspaldo, who treats celebrities. ‘You will look younger in your 50s and 60s, and may never need surgery.’