Friday, November 23, 2012

Skin Laser Machines E3

Working Mechanism of RF Beauty Machine E3
1. Collagen fiber from derma is shrunk when gets heat through RFenergy, making the skin tightened and improving wrinkle
2. The heat from derma causes the rearrangement and rebirth of collagen, which can make the collagen recover its elasticity, thus tightening the skin, removing the wrinkles and more
3. Fat is eliminated and your desirable body shape is achievable

Main Applications of RF Beauty Machine E3
The RF beauty equipment is used extensively for:
-Face lifting and skin tightening 
-Body shaping 
-Face and neck wrinkle eliminating 
-Removing acne and dark circle around eyes 
-Improving skin-metabolism
-Diminishing inflammation
Features of RF Beauty Machine E3
1.High-power technology: RF energy can quickly penetrate into the derma, saving time in beauty salon 
2. No cooling system: The temperature of the treatment tip is lower than that of the tissue under derma without cooling system, improving clinical results greatly 
3.Combined wide-range radio: The output RF energy ranges from 1 to 10m for different depth of body tissue which can get energy evenly
4.Approved with CE certificate
Technical Parameters of RF Beauty Machine E3
1. Input voltage:
220V AC, 50Hz, 110V AC, 60Hz (optional)
2. Rated input power:
3. RF frequency:
1 to 10MHz
4. Output power (Max) :
5. Tip diameter:
15, 20, 30 and 43mm
6. Net weight:
7. Physical dimensions:
45 x 37.5 x 26cm3
8. Trestle table:
30x 45 x 70cm3
9.Working mode:
Why chose Unipolar RF Beauty Machine E3?
1. Good and permanent results:
Instinct skin lifting: Under 45~60℃, collagen tissue can shrink immediately, so after one treatment, you can see a tightened and lifted skin. After 2~6 months of the treatment, collagen can rebuild itself, wrinkles disappear and a younger beauty comes out. Partial fat is eliminated, and body is reshaped.
2. Online impedance testing design for safety: 
High power output with online impedance testing design insures the safety of man and machine.

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